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If some speak Italian, others speak Slovenian and a few German… is the Kras a miniature Babel? Perhaps so.

It is undeniably a multicultural land, where peoples of different tongues and origins have learnt to live together through the wars and conflicts of former days, and now enjoy a peace gained step by step with a steadfastness befitting the Karst’s rugged strength.

In the morphological sense, the Karstic territory represents the line that joins Slovenia and Italy.
The border zone is where one gains a full appreciation of the efforts that have been made in demolishing the barriers that once divided the plateau’s inhabitants, efforts that have been successful in building respect and peaceful co-existence between the various ethnic groups.

A walk along the byways of the Karst is sure to turn one’s thoughts to the changes that have occurred in the area and are still taking place, and may make it easier to understand this land’s changed role in the enlarged European Community.

The Karst has witnessed a history that has bequeathed it a vast treasure store of mementos, recalling events of the most cruel and violent kind.

The Karst is a historical story book, a place of the memory, in the midst of the peace and tranquillity of nature.