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Karstic scenery

History and nature in this zone are interwoven, and have created a legacy of a precious and unique landscape.

Karstic phenomena occur all over this region of innumerable natural caves, pools and other fascinating features, all observable at close quarters.

Dolines, widespread and easily to find, are formed by a slow sinking of the ground. Many forms of plant life can be found in the favourable microclimates of the deeper ones.

Water is the dominant feature of the landscape, and has always been an essential resource for the survival of humans and other inhabitants. It used to be drawn from the pools that formed within surface depressions to water livestock.

The water that flows through the Karst, permeating and eroding, is the lifeblood of a landscape that is always evolving.


Monte Stena [Roberto Valenti] Karstic features [Roberto Valenti] Monte Lanaro [Roberto Valenti]