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The Duino Cliffs


The Duino Cliffs Nature Reserve covers 107 hectares in the Municipality of Duino Aurisina, between Duino and Sistiana. It contains some particularly interesting Karstic surface features (grooved rock faces, tunnels and basins) and offers spectacular views.

The Duino cliffs [Pino Sfregola]

The white rock faces of the Duino Cliffs rise high above the gulf below, offering breathtaking views of Trieste and the Istrian coast. The Rilke Path runs along the cliff edge towards Duino castle.

The plant life gradually changes with proximity to the sea. Typical Mediterranean species, such as holm oak, laurel and hornbeam, are found growing alongside others more characteristic of the Karst, such as sumac, a shrub that bursts into glorious red and orange colours during autumn.

An interesting plant from a botanical aspect is Centaurea kartschiana, which, with its violet-pink flowers, grows on the cliffs nearest to the sea.

In 1996 the Duino cliffs were established as the Duino Cliffs Regional Nature Reserve, managed by the Municipality of Duino Aurisina.


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Cliffs Nature Reserve - How to get there

The cliffs can be reached by taking Strada Provinciale 14 from Trieste towards Monfalcone. Past the centre of Sistiana a left turn towards the coast leads to the start of the Rilke Path, which proceeds to the cliffs.