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The Rosandra Valley - Dolina Glinščice


In the territory of the Municipality of San Dorligo della Valle-Občina Dolina, adjoining the Slovenian border a few kilometres from Trieste, the Karst uplands are cut by the Rosandra Valley-Občina Dolina, through which the Rosandra (Glinščice) river runs, the only one on the Trieste Karst that flows above ground.

[Roberto Valenti]

The Rosandra Valley Regional Nature Reserve, covering 746 hectares, was created in 1996, and has been managed since 2006 by the Municipality of San Dorligo della Valle-Občina Dolina.

It has been added to the National Register of Protected Areas and is recognised as a Site of Community Interest (SIC) and as a Zone of Special Protection (ZPS) within the Natura 2000 network.

As well as being the home of typical animal and plant species, the Rosandra Valley-Dolina Glinščice presents a unique variety of environments: the Karst terrain of Monte Stena, the Black Pine woodlands, the deep rocky cleft cutting through the Karst uplands, the scree slopes with their thermophilic plant species, the characteristic Illyrian mountain environment where plant life has adapted to withstand the bora winds, and the high vertical rock faces channelling the Rosandra-Glinščica stream, whose waters form a rare aquatic environment.

They contain not only the crustaceans and invertebrates typically found in mountain streams, but also other species, notably amphibians and reptiles, which find the environment of rock and water particularly favourable. The range of environmental conditions within the Reserve encourages a diversity of bird species, some transitory or semi-permanent, as well as various diurnal and nocturnal raptors. Among the most common mammal species are deer and boar, but there are also considerable numbers of rodents, plus canine species such as wolves and jackals. There are also many prized bat species, and it is this animal that has been adopted as the symbol of the Rosandra Valley-Dolina Glinščice Regional Nature Reserve.

In addition to its environmental value, the Reserve hosts a number of many historical and cultural associations. The Rosandra Valley-Dolina Glinščice forms a natural link between the coast and the hinterland, and has always provided a route for commercial traffic.

As a consequence it has acquired aspects of interest in the spheres of: archaeology and palaeontology (the Bear's Cave, dating from prehistoric times, and the Castellieri - ancient fortified settlements - at Monte San Michele and Monte Carso); history (remains of the Roman aqueduct constructed to supply the city of Tergeste in the 1st Century, the ruins of Moccò Castle, and the remains of water reservoirs at Moganjevec), religion (the little 16th Century church of Santa Maria in Siaris and its ancient access path); local life (the two characteristic water mills at the valley entrance and in the historical town of Bottazzo); and sport (ranging from simple excursions to world-class speleological and mountaineering sites, the spur in the 1930s for the famous alpinist Emilio Comici to organise the first alpinism courses in the valley).

The Reserve’s Visitor Centre, at Bagnoli della Rosandra, has been open since 2008, and runs courses on the nature and history of the Rosandra Valley-Dolina Glinščice.

Requests to visit outside standard the opening hours can be made by telephone +39 040 8329237 or +39 040 8326435, or by writing to the indicated address.


Rosandra-Glinščica waterfall [Roberto Valenti] Rosandra-Glinščica stream [Alessandro Davia] [Roberto Valenti] Monte Stena [Roberto Valenti] The old railway [Roberto Valenti]



From the motorway, keep driving towards Trieste and follow the signs for Pesek, Basovizza, Dolina and Bagnoli della Rosandra.

Comune di San Dorligo della Valle-Občina Dolina
Loc. Dolina 270

34018 San Dorligo della Valle - Trieste (Italy)

Tel: +39 040 8329111


Visitor Centre
Loc. Bagnoli della Rosandra-Boljunec 507

34018 San Dorligo della Valle-Dolina - Trieste (Italy)

Tel: +39 040 8326435

Visits imetable:
Monday and Friday: 8.00-12.00

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 8.30-11.30; 14.30-17.30