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The high Karst, seemingly a barren desert land, conceals unexpected landscape features with breathtaking panoramic views.

Those who aspire to look beyond the surface will find an underground world as mysterious as it is fascinating, with rock fissures that in some areas lead into natural chasms and cavities of stunning beauty.

Some caves are widely known, containing many interesting features to stimulate even non-expert visitors. Others, less well known and less easily discovered, are accessible only to expert speleologists.

To explore a cave is to find a vision of a spectacular “upturned” world which is, in many ways, unknown, adorned with sculptures created by chemical erosion of the limestone rock, which is both very permeable and little resistant to the action of water.


Grotta dell'acqua [Massimo Razzuoli] Grotta Azzurra [Massimo Razzuoli] Grotta dell'Orso [Massimo Razzuoli]