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Settimo Cielo

A creative but simple cuisine allows guests to experience the goodness of biological and fair trade products with a high ethical value within the splendid natural context and landscape of Monte Grisa.

The splendid panorama of the entire Adriatic can be enjoyed from here, a treat for customers enjoying the banquet hall ideal for all occasions, the spacious dining room and the ample outdoor area.

Managed by the non-profit La Melagrana ONLUS Social Cooperative, it sells products form economically and socially disadvantaged places in line with the principles of Fair Trade, employing socially disadvantaged people helping them join the workforce and become a part of the community.



Settimo Cielo

Loc. Contovello 455
34017 Contovello - Trieste IT
tel: +39 040 225113


cucina Traditional Karst, ethnic specialties
orari 12.00-3.00pm; dinner by reservation
euro From 15€ to 20€ including drinks