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The intermingled cultures of this border zone bring a unique and original flavour to the dining table, with appealing recipes that blend flavours in novel and delicious combinations.

Products of the Karst [Divulgando srl]

The Karst is well endowed with traditional country trattorie that offer a welcoming family atmosphere where you can enjoy wholesome meals and authentic flavours.

Osmizze, family run agri-tourism businesses indicated by the characteristic road signs showing a red wooden arrow and a bunch of leaves, are particularly widespread.

You can sample strongly flavoured cevapcici sausages as well as cheeses, salamis, other local cured meats and home-made deserts, accompanying everything with a glass of Terrano, a full bodied ruby red wine, strong and acidulous, and made from local grapes.

If you’re still hungry, you can always buy something direct from the producer and take home a succulent culinary souvenir from the Karst!

If you want to stay overnight on the Karst, relaxing in the peaceful whispers of the woodland, it’s easy to find somewhere away from the chaos of the city, offering top quality at a favourable price.

An environment where you can have an unforgettable holiday, far from the stress of the city, immersed in the Karst’s stunning natural scenery.