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The Lipica Stable

Home of the Lipizzaner Horses
The Karst. A landscape of rock, with glorious moors, pinewoods and vineyards. The Lipica Stable, with its noble white horses, is a pearl of this extraordinary land.


Founded in 1580, it is one of the world’s oldest stables, a unique cultural monument esteemed throughout Europe and the wider world. It currently accommodates around 400 Lipizzaners.

The full beauty of these thoroughbred horses is most evident when they move with the dignified gait and graceful steps that have brought them world fame.

Visitors to Lipica are welcome to look around and appreciate the daily life of the stables, which, in every detail, remained unchanged over the centuries.

Lipica and the Karst share a mutual pride. If you wish, you can be accompanied as you explore the nearby subterranean wonders of the Karst in the caves of Postumia or Škocjan, or visit the picturesque Karst villages, beautiful little gems renowned for prosciutto (cured ham) and terrano wine. It will not be difficult to find a trattoria serving fine food, seasoned by the bora wind of the Karst.

The harmony between the horse and the rider
The Lipica Stable maintains the traditional practices of the classical riding school, which respect the horse’s natural movements and personality. Fear and coercion play no part in its training.
Horse and rider are partners, enjoying each other’s company as they progress towards the desired elegance of movement.

Lipica’s centuries-old tradition and accumulated experience ensure that the riding masters work with true enthusiasts who see the horse as a partner with equal rights, a friend in a relationship based on mutual affection.


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The stable welcomes individual visitors and guided groups, provides training, puts on equestrian shows, and organises riding tuition and memorable rides into the Karst.

The shows presented by the classical riding school run from April to October at 15:00 on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.


Lipica 5
6210 Sežana (Slovenia)
Tel: +386 5 7391580
Fax: +386 5 7391730