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Caving Excursions

Water and rock have acted upon each other to mould the land behind Trieste, creating potholes, subterranean passages and enormous caverns containing features of indescribable beauty.

CarsoKras and the School for Speleological Guides of Friuli Venezia-Giulia have chosen for you some of the most beautiful and fascinating excursions into the Karst, away from the floodlights and tourist trails. These include itineraries in caves accessible and suitable for families, or more challenging and adventurous ones for those who want to hint at the thrill experienced by cavers who burrow deep into the entrails of the earth.

It is important to remember that speleology originated in the Karst and has developed a professionalism that can present an unforgettable experience to those who are unfamiliar with the subterranean world.

The speleological Guides will accompany you in this still unknown world, where you will retrace the steps of the first explorers in complete safety, and discover the many secrets that the caves conceal.

A memorable adventure that reveals that the caves are not mere voids, but windows into the territory's geological past.

Attention: all the excursions proposed here can be carried out safely only under the supervision of experienced guides. We advise not to go into a cave without the direction of a professional guide.



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