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The area

The Karst is the bleak and rocky upland area that nestles against Trieste and occupies the eastern extremity of Friuli Venezia-Giulia, extending over the old border into Slovenian territory.
In the Karst lands every rock may hide the remains of a wall that once marked the perimeter of an ancient castelliere (a pre-historic fortified settlement typical of the area).

Or a cleft opening out into a spectacular gorge. Or a particular tree species growing undisturbed in the microclimate at the bottom of a doline and enriching this apparently barren territory.

A landscape created by the patient action of water eroding the limestone, excavating caves and underground passages, flowing silently beneath the surface along channels that are still partly undiscovered.

A landscape with chasms, caverns and rocks that can never be fully known, as if the Karst was jealously concealing its secrets.

Fragments of history, recording real or imaginary events, are scattered over this land, as mysterious and fascinating as the natural wonders it guards.
The rock, shaped by water and wind, is its soul.

This portal is an invitation to anyone who wants to learn the secrets hidden in its rocks, to revel in its natural splendour, listen to its story and sample the delights that are the fruit of a cultural blend unique to this geographical area.